CD Somewhere

Veröffentlicht: 06.2013

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disc 1: acoustic  |  disc 2: dream trance

©2013 music & lyrics by Ruth Bucherer

…over the rainbow, sung by Eva Cassidy, has inspired the title of this album. Eva Cassidy sings that song with such a deep yearning for the place where dreams really do come true, that it always moves my heart.

…is a land that I heard of and that I see with the eyes of my heart. You may call it the land where dreams come true, Aslan’s Country, or heaven.

…could also be the place you’re lost in when you’re stuck in life and although you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere you still are somewhere. You might be asking yourself where that is and where you will go from there.

I hope that this Album – be it my acoustic songs or my dream trance music – will serve as the rainbow that takes you to the place our heart longs for where peace and beauty, love and joy dwell – or bring it to you. It is my wish that through this record hearts will be touched by heaven, that spring will unfold in all its splendour even after the longest, most bitter winter and that may be restored what has lain in ruins for the longest time. Because I believe that somewhere there is someone who is waiting to do just that in your life…!

It’s The One who paints the rainbow in the sky, the Great Lion, Holy One of Israel, Healer of our hearts. In my last album „Rohdiamant“ I quoted Ez. 36:26, where God promises to give us a new heart – and since then I have seen it and can testify that God keeps his promises. When God renews your heart he will gently reveal the you that you were created to be in all its beauty.

Take Him by his word and He will do it.


Both discs essentially convey the same message: a new beginning, a new season, the seed that has been put in the earth to die coming back to life to blossom and bear fruit – hope for the hopeless.

Disc 1


I saw an abandoned city lying in ruins. The sky was so overcast that although it was day it was almost as dark as night, bleak and dull. Then I heard this melody, sung by the Spirit of God who was blowing through the ruined city like a howling wind. It was a tune of lamentation and grief but at the same time a song of hope, establishing God’s holiness again in that city. Suddenly the clouds broke open, bright rays of the sun appeared while the houses and city walls were rebuilt and flowers and plants began to appear everywhere…


Disc 2


In the most well-known story from Narnia the land has been subjected to eternal winter by the Witch. But as soon as Aslan, the Lion King, enters Narnia the snow starts to melt and spring appears. Disc 2 thus centers around the verse from song of songs 2:11-12 (NIV): “See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.” It also tells of the death of the Great Lion, his resurrection and the establishment of the Kingdom – the good news from the new testament.